Company Brief

Our promotional activity includes understanding the needs of our business partner , the market the want to run the promotion activity, the overall budget & based on the understanding provide the promotion articles or develop the same for them. Keeping the Secrecy intact. With each coming day, market competition is growing and to sustain in the challenging environment at Authentic we keep on upgrading our facilities to keep an edge both in terms of resources and cost.

To grow profusely, we work with the positive attitude,  planning,  processes, and patience to reap the benefits. We have streamlined our business process in a manner which enables us to  focus on serving customers as per their  requirements and adopting to suggestions given by them. In line with our focus towards systematic working, we have sectioned our business in four verticals that are for making:

  • Laminated  Tubes: For pharma, toothpaste, shaving cream & cosmetic industry.
  • Pet Jars & Bottles: For tea, confectionery, food & beverages & pharma industry.
  • HDPE & PP Bottles and Containers: For lubricants, paints, pesticides & chemical industry.
  • Promotion Articles: For all industries as per the needs.

Our Competitive Edge 

  • We are ISO 9001:2000 certified Company
  • We are a CRISIL Rated company
  • Having reliable business partners 

Our Team

Members of our team includes professional and highly experienced engineers, technicians, machine operators, supervisors and skilled workers, who focus on handling business processes and most importantly assuring prompt delivery of each order to the clients.

Our Partners 

  • Abbott
  • Aurochem
  • Bio Herbal Remedies Pvt. Ltd. Ltd.
  • Bliss GVS Pharma Limited
  • Charak
  • Dupen
  • Group Pharmaceutical Limited
  • Hershey's
  • Jivraj

  • Lanar
  • Mahyoo
  • Quality Herbal Products Pvt. Ltd.
  • Rckwick
  • Sanzi
  • SK
  • Society Tea
  • Tata Chemicals Limited

"Looking for inquires mainly from GULF Countries and from Africa."
"We are accepting bulk orders from 10,000."
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