PET & PP Jars
PET & PP Jars may be as transparent as glass bottles or jars and is as durable and sturdy. These jars are utilized for packaging intended for consumption because it does not react with water or food. PET is unbreakable and will not crack.
Plastic Containers
Plastic Containers become a crucial component of manufacturing and transportation activities. The raw petroleum ingredients are converted using various chemical procedures into thermoplastics, which are designed to be molded, structured, and molded into very resilient, long-lasting, and robust transport and storage containers.
Plastic Bottles
Plastic Bottles are used to store liquids including water, soft beverages, motor oil, cooking oil, medications, shampoo, milk, and ink. They are semi-rigid containers with narrow necks that are typically used to carry liquids and semi-liquids. They are offered in three eye-catching colours and have a BPA-free tag.
Pet Bottles
Since Pet Bottles are completely recyclable and have a high level of sustainability, they are recommended for plastic bottles. Being shatterproof, PET plastic is easier and safer to handle. PET plastic is safe for use in contact with food and beverages.
Pet Containers
Pet Containers have no smell and will keep the contents secure for a very long period. They come in handy when setting up a new kitchen. Bring them as a lunch to work or school. This set is very effective and economical too. 
Kitchen Storage Containers
Kitchen Storage Containers are those containers that are used to store various food items safely. They help in keeping the items fresh and protect them from the outer environment. These containers are very easy to use and simple to clean. They are loved and used by all. 

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